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My carb drip trays are cracked on my SW

Roger Lee

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Hi Guys,


If you have an SW you need to make sure your mechanic or yourself takes a look at the carb drips trays around the edges. You can and many have had cracks or full breaks on the carb drip tray mounting tabs from vibration over time. Some have had no issues.The main reason is the original small mounting washers have no support and allows the drip trays to fluctuate under vibration too much. With the vibration the cracks will grow and eventually the tray will break off one of the two mounts. The trays are around $27 each. So before or if you had to get a new carb drip tray(s) there is an easy fix.

You will need 8 large 3/4" fender washers, 4 for each side (and 4 thin rubber washers). You will need to take a hack saw or my favorite a Dremel tool with a cut off blade and trim one side straight across the washers. This will facilitate the washer to fit on the inside where the drip tray screw is up close against the engine coolant tube. The coolant tube screw is the screw that holds the inside drip tray in place. You need to trim the edge off fairly close to the washer hole so there is enough clearance between the screw and washer edge.. This is actually very easy and once you take a look you will see what I mean. You will also need to remove the 4 screws that hold down the engine air intake manifold on each side. Do one at a time, not both sides at once which will allow you to get to the inside carb drip tray screw. You now use two large washers on each drip tray screw tab to sandwich it in place. This increases the holding surface area and gives the drip tray some support. You can also put a set of thin rubber washers in between all this for more vibration dampening. Look at the FD LOA letter picture. This may sound involved, but in actuality only takes maybe 30 minutes to do the entire job. It is quite easy. I did mine after my drip trays cracked at about 100 hours. I now have 70r hrs and they are still solid and no more cracks. If you have any questions you can call me.






This is not for the LS

08 08 26 FD Manufacturer Approval for all CT2K and CTSW Washers for carburetor drip tray.pdf

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I may have posted this before, but I think I came up with a similar solution, but to a different problem.


In my Sky Arrow, the tiny bolts and nuts holding the trays on were a real PITA, and dropping a washer or a nut in a top-mounted engine presents a non-trivial problem for recovering them.


I used a Dremel tool to elongate the tray mounting holes into slots. Now, I just have to slightly loosen the nuts and the trays slide down leaving the hardware in place:




I wasn't aware of a cracking issue, but used larger washers as a common practice to avoid that sort of thing:




Great minds, and all that!


As a reminder, my Sky Arrow is now Experimental, which lets me, well, experiment like this!

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