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Needs help

Roger Lee

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Hi Guys,

This is a post from the other forum. If you know him or can contact him have him come over to this forum so we can answer his questions. He definitely has some miss information and we can certainly help him..








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icon1.png Spark Plug Paste

Hi Dave,


How did you get on with the alternate thread Paste ?


I t is now AU$191.40 for a tube and I received this comment back today when I suggested just using some anti Seize instead.

"The paste is a heat paste to stop you burning a hole in your piston. We put on each sparkplug @1.50.each plug.


It is not anti seize."


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Hi Roger. I think the person you are looking for is already here on our forum. I read the post in the other forum and from the best I can tell, the person who is looking for info on spark plug heat paste is WestCoastOz or Dave. He is also a member here. It appears that you answered Dave's question about heat paste on the other forum in 2008. Dave lives ind Australia and was looking for a cheaper past than the Wacker P12 paste which Rotax says one must use. I have been told that the Wacker paste is just a hi temp silicone heat sink paste and as long as we use hi temp silicone heat sink paste, it doesn't have to be made by Wacker and will work OK in it's role of conducting heat from the spark plugs into the heads.

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Hi Roger & Dick,

No it was not me that posted on the other forum recently, but yes I did seek information back in 2008 and have since been using a silcone heat transfer paste which came at a much cheaper price than the Wacker paste.....seems to work well.



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