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Broken Plastic Door Lock Guides? Look here! CNC


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Hey all,

After seeing GrassStripFlyBoy laser that awesome panel I thought Id give some fabrication a go.

I did not want to pay $300 + dollars for our plastic door lock guides that seemed to warp and snap. Due to temp changes and constant pressure it snaps at the thinnest point right around the L shape turn.  Im sure age contributed because they are off my 2004 CTSW.

Is there anyone interested in a pair? I would love it to have some of my work in the community.

I could leave the screw holes out and you can trial fit them and drill yourself or you can try the current design. 

I am using 8mm stock and they are the exact thickness/match to my originals.  I was going to cut a white plastic cutting board for the actual part.  It seems to be pretty stiff stuff and could hold up to any passenger forcing that door handle.  Any other suggestions to materials?





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Hi sorry Keith,

Ill get back to you via PM.  I have another gentleman I owe a set to as well.  I have to apologize for the delayed response on my end. In the havoc of life the wife and I sold our house and moved in with family so we could build our home in Pennsylvania.  Its been a busy 4 months. The CNC machine and materials got packed away and need to be rediscovered from all the storage boxes!  I plan on getting another batch of door guides cut this weekend and get you guys some fresh parts soon as soon as I get my workshop reconfigured.  


Hang in there with me and I will PM/email you folks whom I owe parts.

Thank you!





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My cnc has been in storage during our home build and move.  I pulled it back out over the holidays and waiting on material to start cutting again.  I'll post when I have more ready 

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Hi all. 

I am starting the cnc machine and cutting several sets in the next couple days.  I will notify everyone when they are completed. 

Thank you all for your patience!  With my wife and I building our home we have had zero time for flying or hobbies.

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