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If you need an aircraft cover for a CTLS

NC Bill

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I posted awhile back looking for a used travel cover for my CTLS.


Looks like the demand side of the equation out weights the supply side. Not a peep.


Asked Roger Lee for a recommendation - Cunningham Covers hands down. Seems Mr. Cunningham died a year ago or so and his wife runs it under the name Aviation Covers.


Long story cut a hair shorter. I call and order this product - pix attached.


It arrives and is just as pictured. But IMHO at 7 lbs a bit heavy for a travel cover but outstanding as a T-hangar or tie-down cover. No fear they said - we'll make another for you at no charge just of lighter material. Send that one back when you get the replacement. WOW!


I suggested to them why don't I advertise the original (heavier) cover for them on CTFLIERS and see if there's a buyer. Great product. Fantastic customer service. Excellent price at $425 delivered.


If interested contact me and I can put you in touch for this cover at this price.


DISCLAIMER: I have NO financial interest here - nada.


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Hi Bill,


The original ones are only 4.5 lbs and have a soft liner and actually cover the wing out from the fuselage a little farther, but this one looks good. Go ahead and take them up on their offer. The Bruce's covers were heavier and when they made a lighter cover it didn't cover enough. It was lighter because it had less material. I like the Cunningham covers because when out in the moisture or rain they cover all the openings which also helps keep out dust.

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