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While flying today, I noticed a message that said, "TIS NOT AVAILABLE".

A little while after that, the tower said my transponder signal dropped out and they could not read me.

Back at the hangar, while troubleshooting, I noticed the transponder antenna had been snapped off or fell off! The small round base connect to the internal BNC connector was still attached.

QUESTION: I want to replace the broken monopole antenna but want to be sure I get the right one that will work with my Dynon's ADB-Out and still receive TIS (traffic information). Ideas?

Or maybe a better question is ... should I simply abandon the TIS-a system and utilize ADSb-in. I have a 2011 CTLS, with twin Dynon displays and installed an SV-GPS-2020 antenna to give me ADSB-OUT compliance. Works great. What is involved in getting ADSB-in to display on the Dynon map?

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There is just one antenna length for 1090 or 978 UAT. You can get the simple rod type or a blade type. The rod is easier to mount. The antenna should be used with a ground plane but is difficult in some locations on a CT. They seem to work OK on my CT without a ground plane. I use the same antenna for adsb in on my CT.

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That's for MileHighCTLS, not you :D

Has both antennas for sale there, and the receiver if he needs it.

Alternatively, a really techy person can build a stratux ads-b reciever and wire a serial out connection; stratux does support that and it will connect with skyviews. Lot cheaper, but requires very specialist knowledge in Linux, raspberry pi pinouts, and dynon serial connections and configurations.

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1 hour ago, Anticept said:

stratux ads-b reciever and wire a serial out connection

I ran stratux for the past two years, the wifi out works fantastic, serial out is a major pain.  Besides finding USB devices that are compatible the software add on for serial out seems flakey too, and the latest software that is supposed to allow serial out didn't work for my set up.  I recently bought GRT Discovery, this was not available when I bought GRT EFIS, is new product.  

Discovery Dual Band ADS-B Receiver – grtavionics.com

I'll tote the stratux on cross country as a back up feed to iPad


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