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IPad and flight manuals


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This goes in the category of DUH but I was at the hangar today and wanted to check a setting on my transponder. Couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get to the right setting. Of course, the manual was safe at home in my office. I had my iPad so I went to Garmin.com, and viewed the manual online.


Then the brilliant idea came to me :rolleyes: Why don't I download all my manuals and keep them on my iPad as iBooks? Very simple, just import into iTunes and sync the iPad. I created a 'flying' Collection to group them and I now have all my aircraft, Rotax and avionics manuals at my finger tips.


Pretty basic considering I use my iPad as an eReader :D But very useful.

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About a month ago, we used the iPad2 launch to score an iPad 1 for a decent price.


Here's my iBooks so far, organized into "Collections":




For instance:




There's also a site where you can download current sectionals. You need to go to the "Print..." dialog box and save them as .pdf's, but once you do they're available on the iPad as well.

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Great idea.


Like you Eddie, I took advantage of the iPad 2 evolution and bought a nifty 32MB 3G iPad 1 on Ebay and love it. In fact I think it was one of your posts here or on COPA that got me to think about it.


But I don't know how to DNL the manuals into iBooks on the iPad. I have the iBooks app and the websites for all the manuals.


How do you get them from one to the other?



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Would the iPad have advantages over other tablet computers with similar specs?


If you're referring to some of the Android tablets, the the iPad doesn't really have an advantage for displaying PDFs other than size. I'm not aware of any Android tablets larger than 7"' versus the iPads 9.7. Androids are also coming out with HD ratios 16x9 vs 4:3.


The real advantage for the iPad is the aviation apps available. I'm not aware of any of the main ones being available for the iPad. I'm sure this will change over the next year or so.

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I have loaded all manuals on the ipad. I found the CTSW maintenance rev 5, 2008/04/01 renders Ok.

The newer manual 2009/01/01 Rev 6 lacks all figures and pictures. I told Tom P. about this.

the newer manual was written by a Russian PDF writer in english mode. I was able

to display correctly with an Adobe viewer on WinXp, and did the About query to see the

file properties. Other manuals for accessories and avionics render well.


For flight, I have Foreflight app, as well as the pdf AFD and approach plates from

pdfplates.com. I used to use those on a Kindle. I got the new sky products

kneepad, but dont like it. This is a simple plastic case, ipad snaps in. The problem

is the stick hitting the ipad on my right leg. I also miss the writng surface I have

with my traditional kneepad. The ipad is not good for primary flight data, for

I had it overheat and shut down during an OR to CA flight. Keep your 396/496

databases current. The kindle never shut down, and is easier to see in sunlight.

I had the small kindle; should have gotten a Dx for app plates.


Does anyone have kneepad with the fold over writing surface? do you like it?

how about the Sporty's flop-over; does it fit in a CT?

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I bought the Sporty's one but don't care for it and don't use it. It's too big and the flap folds to the right only obscuring the center control area. In my 182, it even flops onto the copilots left left. Just too big. I also bought the bluetooth gps antenna which I really like. It makes the gps lock in very quick and accurate. You can use a small piece of Velcro to keep it up on top of the dash and it's wireless.

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I don't like the sportys product either. It's too big and interfers with full stick movement. I suppose I could take it off for take off and landing and just have it on during enroute. Although I probably would never have to move the stick that far I don't want to take the chance.

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