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Offering free lodging for customers

Tad Olmsted

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One of the things that seem to be a pain in the neck is extended stays away from home during an annual inspection or lengthy MX. There is the hassle of getting a room, rental car, etc... not to mention the expense.


I have a nice commercial hangar with a lot of waisted space above my office. I had framed it up with the intentions of going up as work load progressed. Well, work has progressed and I am ready to build out the second phase of my facility.


I am planning on building two state rooms and a full bath above my office. For now it is just used for storage and I had already planned on going up with it when I built phase one (office and mezzanine). So making the connections to power and building codes has been pre planned.


I am fairly certain this idea would increase my range of new customers that have to fly a long way from home to have MX performed. I have the funds saved up and I am ready to pull the trigger on this. I have yet to borrow a dime from anyone and I am finally in a position to fund the build out.


I need some feedback and opinions from you all in helping me make my final decision. Is this a good idea and would it increase business therefore paying for itself in the long run?

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You already have my reservation request to be CUSTOMER #1.


Did you mention to wall mounted flat screen TV & Wi-Fi? :D

I forgot that part. I have wifi now, but I forgot to mention the flat screen. They are giving those things away these days. I paid $2800 for mine 3 years ago and thought I got a great deal. They're under $800 now.


I'll ask Tara dress up to be the housekeeper, wish me luck on that one :D

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My problem is that I don't want to have to take a couple days' vacation every time I need to get my plane serviced.


Here is an example of how I operate.


A customer came in last week and only stayed one night for his 200 hr/annual. I have one LSRM and one apprentice working for me presently. We work unconventional hours to get the job done and get you back home. We work as late as 8PM and open up at 7 AM. This plane we started at 6 AM due to the pilot had to depart by noon.


I will bust my hump to get you home, but I will never rush anything. Also, you are always welcome to hang around the hangar in a safe manner and keep up with the inspection. That way you will see the progress first hand.

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