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An educational oil pressure issue


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Hi All,

This was a private email, but I was given permission to post this. I hope we can all learn and get something from it. It needs to be read from the bottom up.



Thank you again!. It turns out the top ground that goes through the

firewall behind the instrument panel was loose. Tighten that up and not

only does the gauge work right, but the little static we'd picked up on

the radio is gone too!


Steve Privett

Privett Aviation






o/ \o




On 5/25/2011 5:08 PM, Roger Lee wrote:

> Hi Steve,



> Your grounds are loose. There are about 5 to tighten. Under the cowl

> on the battery side. you will see a ground under the starter, the

> reg/rec, to the air frame the battery ground and up above these there

> is at least one bolt maybe two that go through the firewall and in

> behind the passenger side panel. Tighten all those in the engine

> compartment, then tighten the two that go through the firewall. loosen

> the top nut holding the wires down so you can tighten the nut on the

> bottom of the bolt. tighten it good. Then re-tighten the top nut. Once

> you look in there you will se what I'm talking about. This should

> solve your problem. It shouldn't take any longer than 15-20 min. to do

> all this.


> Roger Lee






> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Steve Privett"

> <steve@privettaviation.com>

> To: "ssadiver" <ssadiver@cox.net>

> Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 2:55 PM

> Subject: Oil pressure in CTSW/Rotax



>> Roger,

>> We have the CTSW (996CT) and have had low oil pressure readings. We

>> replaced the sending unit with the VDO unit without the brass ring,

>> as bought from lockwood, adn the oil pressure was holding around 70

>> psi during flight. This worked fine for about 15 hours and now after

>> about an hour flight, the oil pressure increases and the analog gauge

>> pegs in the red.


>> Is this a weak pressure spring or something else that you might know of?


>> Steve Privett

>> Privett Aviation

>> 626-484-3593

>> http://privettaviation.com

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