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Fuel Sensor

CT Miami

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I recently replaced my damaged fuel sensor for a new "Floscan 201 Flow Transducer" (Model 201A-6). The documentation states that the K Factor needs to be set on the Dynon at 32,000 for gasoline. I have done this but now the sensor is way off from the actual reading after each flight. The Dynon is registering consumption greater than 5-7 gallons than actual reading after each 3 hr flight.


Previously with the old sensor when it worked the reading was perfect between the reading on the Dynon and the actual fuel reading.


Has anyone any experience with this Floscan Flow Transducer model? What should the appropriate K Factor setting be for the CTLS?




Anthony Perea

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Hi Anthony,


The K-factor should only be a general setting and you will need to fine tune it. It may take a few flights, but change the K-factor and dip the tanks and you can get real close. Didn't you have a Floscan on the first one? You may need to revert back to those settings if the last one was a Floscan.

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