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Building a RV kit for sale

Tad Olmsted

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I am going to buy a kit from Vans RV and I am trying to narrow down my choices. I'm not real impressed with the looks of the RV-12 and I want to make sure I choose the right airframe to sell quickly. I am thinking of going with the RV-9. I would like some input to help me along.


I know this is going to be a lot of work, so I am going to hire 3 more mechanics to help with the assembly. 4 men at 40 hours a week should get this done in a reasonable time. This project is going to be like building a spec house. Put the money up and hope it sells quickly. If not, I'll keep it and beat the crap out of it trying to get my stinking landings down pat. ( gonna hurt my wallet)


RV9 with anolog gauges, VFR, but with a nice Garmin 696 and auto pilot. Sound good???


I would like to also do some more building of kits for customers. I dont want to put these men on the payroll and then have to lay them off once the RV-9 is done. So I am offering assembly to all, any airframe.


Any referrals will be greatly apriciated

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