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Hand tow bar for the SW or LS

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Here is a hand tow bar set up that I have seen on quite a few SW's and LS's and it seems to work quite well. It is and should never be used with anything but your hand and not meant to have extreme pressure applied, but for you everyday normal in and out of the hangar they seem to work quite well and I have never seen a broken one.


Always take out the rubber spacer on the inside of all wheel pants. This just causes more problems with wheel pants from vibration and buffeting. On the mains put a larger 1.25" fender washer on the back side of the wheel pant so it can be torqued down to prevent wheel pant shake and from wearing a hole all the way through your wheel pant due to the screw becoming a saw with the vibration.


For thew front wheel pant do the same. One side takes just a large fender washer. The other side needs a spacer made from either hard plastic or a metal bushing. Put a larger fender washer behind the wheel pant where you added the spacer also between the spacer and the wheel pant. We are try to protect the wheel pant plastic by sandwiching them in between to flat washers and keep the wheel pant from moving.

Both can be purchased at Ace Hardware all ready made up. You made need a Dremel to shorten it, but that just takes a few seconds.


From the pictures below you can see all these people did was to get longer screws for each side and used some of the same bushing material from Ace and they were all set. You do not need more than 1/2" - 3/4" sticking out to attach the tow bar.




The black tow bar in #7 is home made.





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Soon as I do that the guys at the FBO will try to attach a tug to it. I put a "do not tow" sign on the prop and tell them the plane weighs 740 pounds, about as much as your Harley, and it can be pushed around with two fingers! WF

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