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1 year Forum Anniversary


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Hi All,





Fur Face, a.k.a. The Complaint Manager, just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone here on our forum for making it the best CT Flier Forum and one of the most successful single LSA aircraft type forums on the web. We have a great bunch of people that make up our membership. There are hundreds of years worth of accumulated aircraft experience and many senior CT owners. We have several aircraft and engine Technicians willing to help along side the forum members to solve most any problem and to help foster our education. In one year we are closing in on 5000 post and have 330 members. We continue to grow and expand our friendship base. We are very lucky not to have any grumpy, whinny, complaining grouches on our forum and that makes for a very pleasant atmosphere where we can all share our ideas and thoughts. All of you make it a joy to read this forum every day.


From our Administrators:

Thanks to One and All,


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Being a member of this forum has enhanced the pleasure I have gotten from owning my CT many times over.


A hearty thank you to all who have taken time and patiently helped me learn to more safely operate and enjoy my airplane.


Truly CTFLIER is priceless.


Happy FIRST Anniversary!

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I REALLY appreciate those who started and contribute to ctflier. I can no longer make fun of my wife and daughters who are on facebook & whatever all the time.. I check in first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed, oh and several times during day. An absolute must for anyone flying a little plastic airplane, or maintaining one.


al meyer

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