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Removing the brake master cylinder

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How to remove the brake master cylinder. If you are like many it takes forever and you tend to use a lot of worded expressions. It should take 3 minutes.

Here's how. First pull both seats out of their track and set them back against the bulkhead out of the way. When you look in the tunnel you will see the back of the master cylinder held by a rod. Remove the screws on each end of the rod out on the seat side. Also remove the small screw just below the large rod screw on the left side. This little screw hold a plastic bracket in place and removing the screw helps remove the rod in a moment. Disconnect both sets of brake lines and put a rag under them for any brake fluid drool. Then remove the 8mm screw in the master cylinder push rod up on the front of the master cylinder.


Now here is the trick especially with the Italian master cylinder. Why FD made this such a tight fit is beyond me.

Have someone hold the brake handle full forward. Place a rod, tool or piece of wood against the rod that goes through the back of the master cylinder. Take a hammer and give it a few sharp whacks backwards. This will pull the overly tight master cylinder push rod out of the tubing it resides in. Once that is done turn the rod going through the rear of the master cylinder downward and back and the master cylinder will slide right off.





You can reuse the master cylinder fittings from the Italian master cylinder on the Matco one. Before you try to twist these fittings out use a heat gun around the base of them to loosen the thread dressing. If you don't you may twist the fitting in half. Use some Loctite 567 thread sealer on the threads and put them back into the Matco master cylinder. Now put the new master cylinder back in place. just reverse the order.


The one thing I had Matco do in the design phase was to mill down the push rod end so it would just slip in place and didn't need pounding in and tap the threads to re-use the same metric fittings.

Always refill or flush the brake system from the bottom , down at the caliper, up to and through the brake fluid reservoir.



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