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Flap and aileron bearings

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What am I looking for to check to see if my flap or aileron bearings are lose? Grab the aileron or flap trailing edge and grab the metal support bracket and push your hands in opposite directions. A very slight movement is normal, but if you see the black bearing in the center where the screw is located move in either direction it has become unglued and lose. Tome to re-glue it. Just remove the screw that holds the flap or aileron bearing in place, now push out the black bearing. If it is loose it slides right out. Clean the metal bracket hole and the bearing edges with some lacquer thinner. Now apply a little Loctite 480 around the bearing edges. You don't need a lot and don't get it in the live center. Now slide the bearing back in place and give it a little while for the glue to set up. It is nothing more than "Toughened Superglue". Now just reassemble the flap or aileron. It does not take long.



The black superglue does not come off your fingers easily. sad.gif






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