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Misalignment Picture?

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At -6 the ailerons should be perfectly inline with each other.


It is very simple to adjust for nuetral.

1 In the bag bin, level the aileron control attachment just aft and low of the bulkhead.

(adjust the spring tension if neccesary)

2 put flaps to -6

3 the flaps and ailerons should be in line with each other


If you are nuetral and they do not line up, then you may have a rigging problem. In the early LS's they made a terrible design change in how the ailerons get controled. They quickly went back to the SW set up. If you have one of these designs you will not be able to adjust the rigging. Me and the manufacturer spent 2 days trying to get one rigged. We eventually got it, but it put some rod end bearings out of limits. We ended up getting a letter stating this particular airframe was rigged the way it was from the factory and out of limits per the MM. Crazy! However it fly just fine.


If you do not have one of these, then rigging is a breeze. Just refernce the latest version of FD MM.

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