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Fleet Approval for the Sensenich prop

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Hi All,


Just an FYI. I applied for a fleet approval for the Sensenich prop. It just came through for the SW and LS, see attached. The Sensenich 3 blade is approximately $2050 plus a $50 installation kit so it mounts to our hub system.

Pricing may vary depending on the dealer. This is a nice prop and should do the CT justice and be a good alternative. FD is also installing them on all new LS's.





I'm a dealer.

Sensenich Fleet approval.pdf

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Hi Kurt,

I will have to ask FD about length. It does not state a length in the LOA, but I ask for just the 66". In the Sensenich document is has minimum 64" and max 68". I will have to get FD and Sensenich to clarify. If it does allow a 64", 66" or 68" I would recommend the 66". The Neuform is a 65" and the Warp Drive is a 66". Personally I'm with you that a 68" is too long.

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