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Matco Brake Axle Nut Wear


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My recent 100 hour inspection revealed that I had a loose main wheel. Inspection showed that the axle nut had actually been "shaved down" by the large washer spinning on this nut. I called Matco and they said that this situation was a known concern on some CT's and they are now using a newly designed axle nut with an integral washer. On original installation of the Matco system, this nut had been properly torqued so that the rubber seal would not turn with the wheel. There is so little bearing surface between the nut and washer that a slight relaxing of the clamping force here can allow the washer to spin on the nut. If you haven't done so recently, I would advise those of you who have Matco wheels and axles to inspect your aircraft to insure that the nut has remained properly torqued and that the washer is not spinning on the nut.

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