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Matco front wheel

Roger Lee

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I have applied for a Fleet Approval for the Matco front wheel and axle that FD has been using on it's LS's for quite some time. It is a more robust wheel, has a better bead contact with the tire, better all around surface area contact to prevent tire/tube rotation that tears the stems out of the tubes which happens to frequently with the Marc Ingegno wheel. The Marc wheel is a stamped thin piece of aluminum with a deep "V" angling towards the center. The lack of tire/wheel contact can allow the tire to rotate when air pressure is lower than optimal.

Cost is Wheel: $84, 15mm axle: $44 and the 2 spacers $3 each.

Right now you would have to apply for an individual LOA if you want to switch. I don't know how long the fleet approval may take or even if it will be approved. I have only applied for it. This is by far a much better front wheel than the original Italian one.


Part #'s:

Wheel NW60CC15MM (6" wheel)





Here is the Matco front wheel part numbers for the 4" wheel.

The part number for the 4 inch wheel is the WHLNW40CT. It is 2.275 between bearing faces. It will use the same sleeves as we use on the NW60CC15MM (WHLA23SL).




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