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Aero Shell

Roger Lee

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Well here I am having to correct myself on a post. I had heard from a top person (we'll leave it at that) about the lack of ZDDP in Aero Shell Sport Plus 4. You would have thought they knew. But I just had someone send me this document that actually shows otherwise. So never let it be said I won't fix my mistakes. Aero Shell according to an MSDS sheet has 1% -2% of ZDDP. That actually translates to 1000ppm - 2000ppm. So the bottom line is I was misinformed and now it is corrected and Aero Shell Sport Plus 4 is good. So enjoy your Aero Shell.

I know some of you are tickled you won't need to switch. Now I need to have a chat with my Rotax source and that darn Dog.

Aero Shell MSDS sheet attached.



What a PITA!blush.gif

Sport 4 oil.pdf

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Any comments about the Mobil Product?


By the way Mack and I completed the ELSA 16 hr Repairman-Inspector course last Sunday at his homebase in KY.....One of those few richly rewarding, best use of time and funds, activities that one walks away from feeling accomplished. Couldn't take enough notes and the cross-talks and experiences were priceless. Jim Scott, from Aircore in WA was the instructor...a fountain of knowledge to say the least. Probably from the same mold as Roger. The FAA was there monitoring the class,..and very helpfull. So helpful that one of the guys decided it better to depart the pattern, literally, after the first break. Recommend it to all even if you can't perform Annual Condition Inspections on SLSAs, at the very least one gets a whale of a better idea of what all those parts are up to that we and our loved ones are sitting in...

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