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Trutrak FD Pilot II troubleshooting




In our FD CTSW (2010) we have a Trutrak FD Pilot II autopilot.

It works well on the ground, but not in the air.
I have checked all connections, from the GPS to the AP and to the servos. All connections are ok and the contacts are cleaned. Furthermore, the setup is checked, everything there is also ok.
I have reset the gyros with GYRO SET before test flight. The problem is the same with and without GPS signal. Trutrak checked and updated the autopilot in 2016, and it has software ver. 2.53.

So it works just fine on the ground. It is completely calm and BANK works for both starboard and port.

In the air, it turns to one of the sides as soon as it is activated, and must be deactivated. It has not been possible to run Magnetic Calibration.

Does any of you have a tip, something I forgot to check or know what the problem is?

With best regards



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Trutrak IIs rely on GPS ground track for heading. If the AP is activated, it should say TRK +. If it says BANK, then it is not recieving GPS track and instead is using an internal gyro. You may need to taxi to get a TRK signal.

Ensure NMEA sentences are being output from the GPS reciever, fast and normal mode both work. 9600 baud is default.



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