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The infamous Page Fly-In is only 3 weeks away. Gas UP and Come Join Us!

DJ Todd B


Attention all Pilots and planes.  Come join us on our annual Page Arizona (KPGA) Fly-In this October 12-16, 2022.  We fly together each day to various destinations around the Southwest while enjoying some awesome weather and camaraderie. We meet and stay in Page, Arizona then fly-out to places like Sedona, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Marble Canyon, Escalante, Bryce Canyon and more.  Come out and meet some new friends and destinations. Hotel rooms are typically only $110 per night so stay as many days as you like. We all fly in the mornings then get together in the evening for Dinner, drinks and stories. Contact me at DJToddB@yahoo.com for more information.

Some of us will also be starting the Page trip at Bryce Canyon for some Hiking and awesome Views from Oct 10-12, 2022.





Monument valley from above.jpg

page 2019 - 2.JPG

page 2019 - 4.JPG

page 2019 - 5.JPG

page 2019 - 6.JPG

page 2019 - 7.JPG

page 2019 - 9.JPG

page 2019 - 10.JPG

page 2019 - 11.JPG

page 2019 - 12.JPG

page 2019 - 13.JPG


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