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Roger Lee

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buried in the attachment...

Dear Arian


Please see the recommendations from our engineer:






Please check following steps:


1. All wires are reliably fixed on flap relay board - see mark "1", =


electric motor - mark "M1", Flap control board mark A1.


2. Connect voltmeter in parallel of electric motor (mark "V") or =


1 and 3 relay board, voltage should be around 12Volt. If electric motor

stops without voltage on it, and indicator of flap control board =


possible problem with relay board or flap control board. Check voltage =


relay board input (contacts 6 - "Up" and 7 - "Down" relay board, mark =


If voltage on relay board input is not present, and the flap control =


indicator flashes, this means problem with flap control board.=20


3. If voltage on electric motor around 12V, but it does not move, it =


necessary check current which goes to electric motor (series connection =


motor, mark "A"). If the electric motor stops at current less 1,5=E1mp, =


means problem with current adjusting of relay board (mark"1" resistor =


If not possible to adjust current by resistor R8, it is necessary =


relay board. If motor stops at current > 4Amp, means problems with =


motor, or the big friction in flaps control system.=20


4. The electric motor and relay board can be checked if switch flaps

control board in programming mode, at connected programming switch SA2 =


not press this switch as the programmed positions will be reset). For =


flaps up-down necessary connect switch SA6. If in programming mode flaps

move up - down (by switch SA6) without problems, but in normal mode =


have problem, that means electro motor and relay board works correct and =


is necessary to make adjustment for flap positions that have problems =


attached procedure). After adjustment it is necessary remove programming

switches SA2 and SA6, and test flap control board.






Please inform me about results.














Best regards


Sergey Pilipenko




Flight Design GmbH=20


Administration & Sales


Seestrasse 30


D-73230 Kirchheim u. Teck/Nabern


Tel.: +49(0)7021 / 80460-0 Fax: +49(0)7021 / 80460-69 Web:

<http://www.flightdesign.com/> www.flightdesign.com

Registered Business Address


Sielminger Str. 51 D-70771 L.-Echterdingen


Commercial Register: Stuttgart HRB 222689 VAT ID No.: DE 147857992


Board of Directors: Matthias Betsch(CEO)-Oliver Reinhardt-Christian =



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