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IOS 5 warning & updated Foreflight


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another Foreflight update... 4.2.1 is out. Adds overlays, so you can now view weax, TFRs, etc over the sectional. Also adds XM weather (with a bunch of other hardware & subscription). You can now zoom in more, and there is a World Map. Also, the position indicator pulses, so you can see it easier.


Warning - IOS 5 can randomly delete Foreflight or WingX maps... a new feature in the operating system may delete your maps in an attempt to "cleanup" when space gets low. Do NOT upgrade to IOS 5 until they get this sorted out... OR make sure you have plenty of space. If you have already upgraded, they suggest you check to make sure your maps are still there, BEFORE FLYING, and turn your WiFi and Cellular radios OFF.

This is a PITA and, hopefully, Apple will resolve the problem.


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