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Aircraft down - BRS 'chute deployed

NC Bill

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Yesterday a Cirrus went down near Dallas. Initial press reports are that the BRS system had deployed prior to impact. No details yet.


There are over 5000 CIRRUS flying with that 'chute which provides a great deal of evidence as to the efficacy of the system.


If interested there is a discussion of the BRS going on in the public area of the CIRRUS owners website. Might prove interesting http://www.cirruspilots.org/forums/p/126875/605503.aspx#605503

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Addison Airport is in a highly populated area with really no good area to put down off airport. According to the latest news, the pilot reported engine trouble and made one attempt at landing back at ADS but was unsuccessful. He put it down at Hebron High School (around 6nm north of ADS) with one fatality (of 3 on board). Chute was deployed but no word at what altitude. I believe you need 400' AGL for the CAPS to fully deploy.

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...I believe you need 400' AGL for the CAPS to fully deploy.

Quoting Rick Beach from the COPA website discussion I previously mentioned. Rick is referring to those who have pulled the "Little RED HANDLE" while flying CIRRUS aircraft.


CAPS has worked and people survived in these circumstances:


airspeed from 34 to 187 KIAS

altitude from 50' to 13,000' AGL

attitude inverted, spiral dive, unusual attitude

landings have been on shrubs, trees, forests, mountain slopes, inhospitable terrain, river, lake, pond, ocean, residential neighborhood, communication tower, telephone tower


And for comparison an SR-20/22 has a MaxGTW of roughly 3,000lbs rather than 1320lbs.


That's some of the data their group has collected by meticulously following ALL CIRRUS accidents including deployment of the BRS parachute.


If you have any interest in the usefulness of your BRS parachute I urge you to take a look at the discussion on the public side of the COPA website http://www.cirruspilots.org/forums/p/126875/605523.aspx#605523 Then for safety's sake think about when you might want to use it.

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