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Matco Manual

Tad Olmsted

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Tad, I found that my Matco axle nuts were being eaten up by the large washer rotating on these aluminum axle nuts. This occured even though I tightened the axle nuts with the extra torque per Matco's direction. Matco was getting field reports that the bearing rubber seal compresses slightly after a while and the frictional torque that keeps the steel washer from spinning on the aluminum nut is reduced and allows the steel washer to spin on the aluminum nut rather than spinning the rubber seal on the bearing. You may be aware that Matco now has eliminated that steel washer and the new axle nuts are solid aluminum with an integral washer (one piece). This eliminates the problem with the old steel washer spinning on the aluminum axle nut. I have replaced the old axle nuts with Matco's newer integral nuts and all seems to be working well.

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