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Matco front wheel verses the Italian Marc Ingegno

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


Here is a couple of pictures of the new Matco 4" small front wheel compared to the Italian Marc Ingegno front wheel.

The Marc wheel is gold colored and the Matco aluminum colored. There are a couple of differences. The Marc wheel is a stamped wheel and not quite as strong as the thicker cast Matco. The big difference is where the tire bead contacts the wheel. The Marc wheel's only contact to the tire is the outward pressure against the sidewall of the tire and wheel and it's very smooth. The wheel then dips toward the center some which keeps it farther away from the tube and tire. This design has lead to several CT owners to get flats during taxi from a little side load and the tire moving on the wheel and then pulling on the tube stem.

The Matco's wheel contacts the tire on the sides and on the bottom of the tire bead plus it contacts the tube across the surface. This helps keep the tire from turning on the wheel if the pressure is a little low during taxi. The one thing about the Matco is the stem is part way recessed in a spoke hole and you can't get an angled air chuck in for inflation and you need either a straight air inflater or just screw on a 1" extension to fill, which Matco is suppling.


In the pictures you can see the raised ridge area next to the edges on the Matco that the Marc wheel doesn't have.


FD has been using the Matco 6" front wheel for almost 2 years now and is working well.





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Hi Mocfly,


The part numbers are on another post. Here they are: the 4.00 x 6 WHLNW60CT front wheel Cost is $85. Ask for the 2 sleeves on each side of the wheel. They are only like $3 - $4 each.


The 4.00 x 4 WHLNW40CT, sleeve number WHLA23SL- sleeve- A23


Keep the same axle. It's a much better wheel than the Italian ones.

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You have to give those Itallian's a little credit... While their front wheel is a little dangerous, it is a lot more SEXY! (have to agree with Wayne on that one). It reminds me of something I have that is also made in Italy that might fit that same "Sexy but a little Dangerous" description!!! (In all seriousness, I jest... Go Matco and leave your flat tires behind!)



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