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Woodstock, Ct to Corpus Christi, Texas


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Hello new friends.


I just got my new 2007 CTSW back to it's new home in Ingleside, Texas (KTFP). I was able to talk my new friend and CFI in to flying back to Texas with me since I did not have any time in the plane.


We were 3 hours ahead of all that bad weather that hit the North East two weeks ago. It did take 4 days of skud running at 2500 feet with two extra stops to get it home, but I really am enjoying the plane and all of the total glass panel. I thought it would take a long time to get use to it, but it really is easy and fun to play with.


It is time for my first oil change so I guess I will start on that this weekend. I have been reading Roger's notes so all should go well.


I have enjoyed reading your comments about the CT's for the last few months and now look forward to adding my comments.


Please know you are all welcome here on the Texas Gulf Coast. It really is pretty here in the winter.


Gary, N464CT

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