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List of LSRM-A's by State

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


I recently saw this and remember posting this a long time ago. It has been updated and a good source of LSRM-A mechanics listed in each state from Rainbow Aviation.


Thanks goes out to Rainbow Aviation in Corning, CA., Brian & Carol Carpenter for not only instructing these classes, but for keeping this list up. It will be helpful to every one.






An LSRM-A means a "Light Sport Repairman with a maintenance rating for an Airplane" This person received some Rotax engine training in his 120 hr. LSRM class at Rainbow Aviation which is the only people you can get the 120 hr. LSRM training from. Depending on what the LSRM-A wants to do to a Rotax engine they may need to take additional Rotax classes.

They are allowed to do any inspection or repairs to any SLSA or ELSA as a commercial enterprise with the blessing of the FAA. This is a lifetime rating and at the current moment do not need to take any update classes. A Rotax person must take an update school every two years or they fall out of certification and can not legally work on a Rotax for an SLSA. A&P's are not allowed to work on a Rotax without a Rotax class or a current update for an SLSA. There have now been 14 A&P license suspensions for this practice. People are starting to notice. Now of course if the plane is ELSA or experimental then anyone can work on it without any rating or certification unless it is the Annual Condition Inspection.

If an LSRM has an PP or WW after his rating then they have a "weight shift" rating or a "powered parachute" rating. These are add on ratings of approximately 19 hr. classes.

With a 16 hr. FAA approved class then you can do your own ELSA Annual Condition Inspection. If an A&P does your Inspection without a Rotax class then technically it is out of airworthy condition. If you own a CT then in the maint. manual it states that an owner can do things like the inspections if you follow the Rotax maint. manual which means you absolutely have to have a Rotax class.



Hope this helps

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