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My trip to Ryan Field, Tucson. from Perth


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I have just returned from a trip to Tucson to purchase a CTsw. I arrived at Ryan Field after the long flight from Perth Western Australia via Sydney.

It is a fairly large undertaking to travel that far with the intent of buying an aircraft sight unseen.

A few days before I left I spoke to a Ct owner in Perth & also a member of this forum. Dave was very helpful & gave me pictures of his CTsw

as imported into Aus in a 20' container. He told me he was in regular contact with an extremely knowledgeable owner by the name of Roger Lee.

He also said if Roger had done the services to the CT everything would be in order.


I was very lucky to purchase a plane that Roger had been maintaining. he also located the axle stands from Lone Star Aviation.

Roger spent much time dismantling the aircraft & instructing me on how to put it back together when it eventually arrives in Perth. I can't believe

that he runs a business as he did not charge me for the time he spent.


So I take this opportunity to say a big public thank you to Roger Lee & also Hal & the guys at Plane Care.


Lone Star deserve a special mention as they supplied the brackets for the cost of the freight. ( May their company forever prosper) Thanks Tom.


I am now back in Perth eagerly waiting for the slow ship from Long Beach. I have been told she should arrive on 12.22.11


to you guys in Tucson, thanks again for all the help & friend ship


Perth, WA

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Hi Mike,

It will probably end up about $8000 US one way & about 8 weeks . Quarantine is the most difficult part. Any soil, spiders (even cobwebs) or timber without a certificate of treatment

& they will want to drag it out of the container & steam clean it! If it survived the high pressure cleaning it probably would not survive the unskilled removal & being thrown back

into the container.

It is an awesome experience to fly east west Australia in a LSA. airstrips are up to 150 mile apart (flying the easy way over roads).The best of flying over the east west highway, it is

possible to use it as an emergency strip. There are places where it has piano keys marked for use by the Royal Flying Doctor.


Most of the Motels have a very basic airstrip nearby & there are 2 on the Nullabor Plain where its possible to refuel at the actual gas station.


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Johnr, pretty amazing that you've gone to such great lengths to obtain your CTSW. The expenses for your flight to and from the U.S. to buy your plane and then the cost to ship it from the U.S. to Australia. You might be able to work this in to some sort of compensation from Flight Design for an advertisement. Maybe something like "The great lengths CT owners will go to own a CT"!? Interesting that you purchased a plane that Roger Lee had maintained. I live in the North Central U.S. and asked Roger Lee if he would inspect a CTSW which was for sale close to where he lives in the Southwestern U.S. After he inspected and flew the plane, Roger called and said the plane looked good so I bought it based on Roger's inspection and had it flown to me. It is a very good plane and I'm very happy with it. The area you will be flying in sounds pretty remote. Is there good radio reception in the area that you will be flying? Please send us some pictures when you get your plane in operation.

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