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My window slides a little hard

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Hi All,


During inspections one of the checks is the MecaPlex sliding window. I find quite a few a little hard to slide and many times some white looking residue in the rail tracks. This is where the plastic of the window is rubbing the plastic on the guide rail from friction. So the question is "Can I make my window slide easier and with less friction?"

The answer is yes. You can buy 90% pure silicone paste from Ace Hardware or True Value or pick up some food grade silicone paste. Slide the window back in the open position and put a dab of your silicone on your little finger. Smear a little silicone on the top and bottom guide rail. Then close the window and smear a little more silicone on the back half of the window rails. Now work the window back and forth a time or two and you will have a smooth operating window and no friction to cause wear on the rails or window itself.

If your door is a little hard to shut you can do put a little silicone on the door locking pins and a dab in the locking pin holes. Then move the door opening handle to mid position and smear a little on the metal door handle from the door ledge up about 1". Now close the door and work the handle a time or two. Open the door and if you have a little silicone on the locking pin holes and door jam just wipe off any excess. This will keep any friction and wear down to a minimum.

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