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Jim Meade

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I tried to search on the terms


SB Log


and was told they were too short. The problem is, those are the exact terms we would use to discuss the topic on this forum. Do any of us type out Service Bulletin when we all know it as well or better by SB? And is there any way to identify a log other than that word?


How do I search for words that are too short? Do I have to use the phrase [sB LOG] and hope that the discussions I seek all included that combination?



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Jim, not sure where you're at regarding logging in SB's? Do you have the Rotax list for all SI and SB's they've published? If not, this is the complete list which Rotax publishes and which I copied from their website. This list does not include the latest Rotax ASB-912-059UL which deals with inspection of the crankshaft. Flight Design has a similar list.


Rotax SB list_SB-000-R10_3-15-11.pdf


I download the Rotax list when it is updated and then make sure any SB's that pertain to the CTSW is copied to my own list. Each 100 hour I make sure this list is up to date.

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