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Just a Documentation FYI

Roger Lee

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Is one required to keep all the Rotax checklists, or just the most recent? I had a mechanic throw out an old one

in the past. Of course, all log book entries are there. I'm keeping all checklists now. The most recent with the log books,

the older ones in a different binder. I also keep printed LOA, SA, SD, SB in that binder too.

I enter completed SA/SB/SD in the logbook but also have a detailed spreadsheet of dates and compliance.

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Hi All,


You are way ahead of the game to keep all your Discrepancy list, Rotax and FD inspection checklist. keeping poor records has demonstrated time after time that it will hit your pocketbook big time when it comes time to sell. As an SLSA you are also supposed to demonstrate or prove through records that SB's were done at the time of a sale. If you don't keep those records from previous inspections or general maint. how will you keep track of trends. How will the next owner or mechanic know what has been done or not done and what problem is repeating itself. The big hit is still the selling of your aircraft. The owners that have really good records command the best prices by $5K-$10K more depending on the plane. If something ever happens after a sale or after maint. and it goes to court how will anyone ever defend what was done or not done. I have seen many a person chewed up in court by a lawyer because he had no records and the court views something not in writing as not done at all.

Since day one I have always given each customer a discrepancy list (what I found wrong and what was done to fix it), a Rotax and FD inspection check list signed on each point with side notes for items you may find. I hole punch these so they can keep them in a 3 ring binder. Even if you just tighten something I want to know if it is a repeat issue.

There are a couple of organizations out there that print in peoples logbook that they have the info in their file.

Not good enough. They are not responsible for that info as an owner, You are and if something happens to the company or the files they aren't required to keep them.

Get your paperwork from your mechanics and keep it. If they don't have the paperwork then print it out online and make them fill it out properly. At least you know then they had a minimum to inspect and what they inspected. Ask those organizations that say it's on file to give you a copy of the documentation and if it isn't the right paperwork make sure they use it. It's your darn plane and it should be worked on the way you want it (not them).. If your paying $1K-$6K for work they darn well better produce good paperwork. If they don't want to use paperwork, check list or won't give you copies then go somewhere else.

A paper trail is the only thing to protect you and prove anything was done in the legal setting.

Keep your paperwork for the life of your ownership and then after a sale in case there is ever an issue.

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