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Spot Track to Payson, AZ

Roger Lee

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Hi All,


For those that are new here I have posted a Spot Tracker flight of 3 CT's from Tucson, AZ to Payson, AZ yesterday for breakfast. Click on my link and you can see the flight up and then back. We seemed to have flown up and back right over the same route. It post it's flags on our route every 10 minutes of real time yesterday. You can zoom in on the map at the Payson destination and select hybrid map in the top right corner and see exactly where I was parked. There will be several flags there because I left the Spot on during breakfast. If you zoom in on the Spot location down south in Tucson you can actually see my plane and my truck sitting. That picture though was taken a while back and not yesterday, but my point is that the Spot will put you within about 10' of your actual position. This is a great safety tool and we have a special offer to our forum members.





This is a great reverse GPS locator so your friends and family can watch you fly and follow your progress. It's a great safety item and not only does it track, but has a 911 send the world to find me button too. This works for the most part anywhere in the world because it uses satellites. It can be used for boating, motorcycle riding, planes, hiking , ect..




If I can get at least 5 or more people I can get a Spot for you. Call me for special pricing.

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