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LOOP CT article


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'Just thought this great article deserves it's own post... It's kinda buried at the end of the 5th annual Page fly-in thread. Thanx to Jacques and Farmer for the heads up...

If you have an iPad, be sure to download the LOOP Magazine App (free) and check out the superb article about the CT and the Page Fly-in. Be sure to explore the many photos, video, and 360 degree views. Awesome.

Here's a link to an on-line version


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Hi there, Boys n Girls....Ok myself and a couple of the guys stayed in work until 2:30am getting the new Loop Magazine App up on the Apple App store ... So please have a look there and download it, also if you like it and have time please leave a comment on the app store it all helps....


It is so much more fun than that PDF page turner link that some of you may have seen, with the ability to 360 the images and embed video,audio etc.. here is the link



I do hope you enjoy the magazine, we couldn't quite fit it all in in the time so there will be an update soon, adding a video or two and correcting a couple of errors. So do look out for that too!


Well thanks once again for making my weeks work so fun!! and hopefully see some of you guys soon...i am due back in the USA for some filming in Feb i think...


happy holidays - Phil , LOOP

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