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Crankshaft SB ASB-912-059/914-042 revised

Roger Lee

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AND REPLACED IT WITH SB-912-059/914-042

The difference is instead of a Jan. 1, 2012 dead line it is now April 1, 2012

here is a list of affected engine serial numbers. They are all fairly new engines.

The website info:



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Technically all SB's that FD put out after your plane's MFG date need to be logged since the FAA made it that way as of March 2010. The best and easiest thing for the owner to do is pull up the FD SB list on the FD website list each one in the back of your logbook right down one page. Then sign them either done with a date or not applicable. This new FAA reg is for all SLSA and not just FD. Most people never keep up on what's going on so many SLSA owners (buyers / sellers) won't know it has to be done.

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