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Ground/earth question

Jim Meade

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My SW is going to get some work done on it this winter. I see a number of electrical discussions which include reference to grounding. I'll go through systematically and inspect my grounds for good contact. Any recommendations, lessons learned, tips or things to avoid in this endeavor? Does grounding compound help or hurt? Do you ever have to run a wire clear back to battery ground?


I know I have an issue with sensor pickups (slightly diffeerent topic) so electricity is on my mind.


Also - any comments on the headlight connectors? I'm not impressed with them and might look into some other fixture (ELSA). I might consider an Anderson Powerpole from ham radio. Other aviaitonics or automotive connectors that do a good job?



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When down for heavy MX it is a good idea to clean all the terminals that bond together behind the EMS all the way back on the firewall. There are 2 bolts that come through and are jumped together on the engine side and go to the accesories and engine on the engine side. They go to the solenoid, reg rectifier, engine and engine mount.


Then they are bolted tight to the firewall. Then all your systems use the long petruding bolts and round terminal connectors that get secured with a nut.


Usually these terminals are good, but I like to scuff them up and clean them with acetone.


Be sure to give them a tug, just because it looks connected it may be playing oppossum on you.


Do the same on the engine side. As you will see, all the components on the engine side are jumped together by wire to get grounding. One break in the line or corrosion is like the old Christmas tree lights.


Usually most of the electrical problems in CT's are from grounding not getting the attention it needs.


I like your idea of going through it while it is down for heavy or long period MX. Come this spring you should be able to enjoy a long flying season without any electrical grounding gremlins.


I don't use anything other than dielectric grease for electrical connections, just remember... where there is grease it will turn into dirt collecting mud in a short time.


Hope this helps

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