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Where are all the Mechanics?

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Hi All,


Here is a place for all you A&P's, RLSM-A's and Rotax Repairmen to list where you are so people with any LSA or light aircraft can find you. List all your contact information from around the world. LSA and Light aircraft are everywhere and all the users need to know where you are and how to find you. Here is your chance to let everyone know where they can get any maintenance or an inspection done. Post you info and a if you have a web page.


We need your name, location, contact info, specialty training or any thing that will help us find you. If you have a specific aircraft you prefer to service, i.e. Flight Design CT, then let us know.

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Here is where and how you can find me,


I specialize in all LSA's, heavy into CT's and a Rotax Repair Center (heavy into 912's), I also work on Jabiru's (p.s. don't tell Rotax ;))


Roger Lee

Tucson, AZ.

Ryan Airfield (KRYN)


email: roger@lsamechanic.com or ssadiver1@yahoo.com



Call anytime from 0800 - 2100 hrs Tucson time for assistance.


My LSA Mechanic page link is:



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