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Strange noise in headsets

NC Bill

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Sounds like a buzz. Not static. Both headsets.


Starts off intermittent on departure climb with full power - almost thought it was Morse Code VOR id at first.


Becomes more constant the further from airport I go. AND departure control gets increasing harder to hear.


15 miles out I completely lose ability to hear departure over the noise nor can they hear me. I turn back.


Pick them up again in 2 miles.


Approaching airport the noise subsides but doesn't disappear and voices return much as with departure sequence.


Reducing power from WOT to 4800RPM also noticeably reduces noise.


On the ground the noise is gone.


The above has happened on the last 2 flights.


So, near the airport, communication with tower & departure is possible. The noise is just very annoying.


The noise finally overcomes the ability to communicate around 15nm out.


The plane is always hangared and no mx or changes (except updating SKYVIEW databases) since the issue began.


Any thoughts or ideas welcome.

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Hi Bill,



Did this symptom start up out of the blue?

This could be a couple of things, but first thing to try is slide the radio out of its tray and slide it back in, but seat it in firmly when it contacts the pins. If it does sound like Morse code then it could be the pitch control servo on the auto pilot. I have seen that twice before and Tru track knows of it. It would need to be sent in.

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My radio got weak... 'had to crack squelch to be able to hear anything but close signals. Turned out to be bad/weak connections where the radio slides into the bay/dock. Removed radio, cleaned connections, and trimmed faceplate so it would slide all the way back into the mount. All was good after.


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