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Which Mfg takes presedence?

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Which Manufacturer takes precedence?

Started by Ken Dunaway, taken from another forum.



In an LSA if (when) there is a difference in maintenance or inspection requirements between manufacturers, which should apply? Example: If the airframe mfg. uses Brand X Model Y propeller and lists inspection and maintenance requirements in the Airplane's maintenance manual that are different from those of the propeller mfg. requirements, which requirements prevail? The AP mfg? The prop mfg?, the most stringent?, or something else?





The answer is to the above question is the plane Mfg.


If the plane Mfg. overwrites the other Mfg. (i.e. prop Mfg) then the plane Mfg now owns the responsibility and liability. The plane Mfg is basically God. What ever is in the aircraft's Mfg's manual is what must be followed. That's why you see things like in the Flight Design maint. manual to follow the Rotax maint manual. FD will not take that kind of liability away from Rotax.

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