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Rotax Connector inspection

BMcCand - N248CT

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I found a problem during the engine pull for mounts. A connector to the the voltage regulator had overheated.

I got a new connector body and faston 1/4" female and replaced the yellow wire connectors.


Reading the 100hr checklist carefully, Wiring check is by para 14.1. The first item is examine all connectors

for security and corrosion. So, I'll be pulling that regulator connector as part of my annuals.


I went through all the electrical loads on the plane, with an ammeter , and found the worst

case total load would exceed the power specified in the Rotax installation manual.

I doubt full load both AP servos at once, and landing light on would occur too frequently.

But now I'm avoiding the light +AP airborne. I also turn off the landing light as I turn off

the runway, I know at idle the draw is more than the alternator can provide.


Too bad there is no room for an external alternator in the CTSW.

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Hi Bill,


I agree with you on our power consumption.

The Rotax internal gen coil output is published at 20 amps. The peak is really 18 amps and continuous is only 16 amps. FD and other Mfg's push this limit too far many times. Because of this I'm also not a believer in the old teachings from CFI's to turn on all the lights and instruments before stat up. I start with everything shut off except the EMS, then after engine start and idle rpm set I turn things on. I never use the landing light as it is a major draw and know many owners that have it disconnected. Even though the external position lights don't draw a lot they do draw and add to the power drain and really can't be seen on a bright sunny day unless you are right on top of someone. The LS top fin light is far better than the older small led lights that the SW has. I'm probably better off than some because I don't have the extra draw of the AP. Rotax makes a 40 amp external gen, but it won't fit under our cowl. The problem is on our side as owners, too. We want bigger and better, so they add more cool electronics. The new SkyView draws more power than the older D100/120. If I were a betting man I would bet the new LS with all the goodies is over drawn if you add up everything and like to watch it all light up.



Bottom line is keep any extra non essential power drains off. Just because it's there doesn't mean it needs to be used all the time.

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