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New Rotax Safety Alert

Safety Officer

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FYI, The Safety Officer is hot on the trail of a new Rotax Safety Alert.




Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water again! FUEL HOSE FROM ROTAX



This will not affect the huge majority of us, but might on a few fuel pump replacements.

The Rotax part that is affected is on the new pumps only and a selected few. It is the 1/4" fuel line coming off the bottom of the fuel pump and goes up to the fuel distribution block that feeds both carbs. They have had some reports of flaking. If you happen to have a new pump identified by the serial number in this alert then you must replace it.


I have recommended to FD and CPS to use the newer Gates Barricade hose fuel vapor hose for the standard carburetor that is non permeable, has 3-4 liners and is Teflon lined. I may make the recommendation to Rotax also.






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