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Well all the 2006 CTSW's should all have their hose changes done and it was quite a year. I ended up doing 26 hose changes here in Tucson. Now it's half way through the year for the 2007 CTSW. There are over 100 CT's due for the hose change this year alone not to mention other SLSA aircraft.

If you need a hose change done and engine mounts give me a call for a great price that is usually much less expensive than others due to low overhead and good shop rates. I also take about 1/2 the time so no long down times and it gets done right. Hose and engine mounts always in stock and no waiting for parts.


Tired of the old Italian brake system. You can call and have a full Matco brake kit system dropped on your door step or stop on in at Ryan Airfield in Tucson and have a Matco OEM install your new Matco brakes, wheels and master cylinder in approximately 4 hrs.

Time for a carb rebuild? I get them from all over the country and have a lot of them under my belt.

Is it time for a gearbox inspection? Do you have 1000 hrs with 91 oct., 600 hrs if you are using 100LL or is your slipper clutch torque low? Gearbox inspections and carb rebuilds done in a 1 day turn around

Wing inspections are due every two years. Here in Tucson it takes roughly 1.5 - 2 hrs. and sight tubes are include. Get your annual and or wing inspection done quick.


I specialize in all LSA's, heavy into CT's and a Rotax Repair Center (heavy into 912's).

The only Rotax IRC in Arizona.

Here is where and how you can find me,

Roger Lee

Tucson, AZ.

Ryan Airfield (KRYN)


520-574-1080 Home

520-349-7056 Cell

Call anytime from 0800 - 2100 hrs Tucson time for assistance. http://www.lsamechanic.com/

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