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FD and BRS chute removal instructions

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Here is the new Flight Design BRS parachute removal and inspection instruction documentation.


There are two documents below for the SW and two for the LS.


When you have finished your BRS re-pack you need to fill out the form listed below for the SW or LS and send it in to FD.



In accordance with FAA regulations and the applicable ASTM standards for Light sport aircraft, Flight Design and BRS have developed and published a procedure for the 6 year BRS parachute system repack and provided a Major Repair or Alteration (MRA) form to use that will document compliance.


The original Maintenance Manuals do not include information on how to perform this task.


The CTsw and CTLS MRA forms and the BRS instruction manual for continued airworthiness are available as an attachment on this email and will be placed for later use on the Support page of www.flightdesignusa.com




After a 6 year BRS repack is completed, you should fill out the MRA form and return it to Flight Design USA. We will keep those on file as required by the ASTM.





91 ROUTE 169

P0 BOX 325




TEL. 860-963-7272


Removal MRA BRS SW.pdf



Removal MRA BRS LS.pdf

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