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GNS 1000 add on for I Pads


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Better late than never. My apologies for being late to the party here.


The CT uses a torque enhancer on the roll servo, this requires more lateral activity than a standard servo. You'll probably end up closer to 8 on that setting rather than 2 or 3. Too low will cause it to wander around. Too high and it'll seem like it's had way too much caffeine. :) Hope this helps!


A friend loaned me his GNS5870 to use with my I Pad and it really is a great additional GPS tool. It gives you real time tracking on foreflight and sure makes VFR flying a lot easier especially if you are a little older and don't see as well as in years past.

They have a new one out now with an improved on/off switch called GNS1000, but works with the same good quality.

Cost is just under $100.00

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