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Oil Analasis from Avlabs , I dont like these people!


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heres the aite:



heres the problems

1 There is no site login so you can go look at your order history or even just be welcomed.

2 They make you prepay for there services

3 What you would think is good, they send you a paid mailing label and return box

4 now the bad, sent it to them almost 4 weeks ago, tried logging (they do have a login to search for your oil analasis) in to the oil analasis lookup and they dont know me. Same engine serial number, same phone number no dashes in engine serial number.

I emailed them with no respnse, called them and they told me it takes about 4 weeks for them to receive the oil through the mail.

Kentucky to Louisiana? 30 days right.....................

She explined thats how long it takes for them to receive it.


I have 3 more of there kits i paid for that i would gladly sell to anyone who likes this type of serivce......


Live and learn


Anyone have any positive experiences with any oil analasis company that remebers your purchase and received there mail in a timely manner???

Anyplace other that avlab that is!




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Hi Mack,

BREATH smile.gif

I use these guys far more than most and buy the kits by the case. It doesn't take 4 weeks. I send all of them by mail and the results are usually in the owners email within 2 weeks. The post office may have lost the kit and not Avlabs. The post office just lost a set Of engine mounts to Florida. There is a place to log in because I use it from time to time. Did you create an account yet?



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I've used these folks numerous times over the years for automotive oil analysis and always have had great prompt service. I have also given test kits to a couple of coworkers and they were quite satisfied with the service.

I contacted them about 912 testing and whether they had some results in their database to compare against. They had some, but I can't recall how much. They send free kits and you pay when you send the sample in. You can also prepay for a discount.

Blackstone Labs



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I sent in an oil sample 2 months ago to Avlab and have not received the results. I just called them and they have not received my sample. They said that the US mail has been slow. Looks like my package is lost.

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aviationlabMedium.jpgOk i took a breath...........


Prpaid Pre printed label..... maybe 1 in 1 million package gets "lost"


2 of us now on this "small" but informative site now have "lost" packages.


The avlab lady on the phone is who told me its been taking 4 weeks for them to get them from the people who are sending them.


This avlab company SUCKS!


Ill throw away my 3 remaining paid for kits and try out one kit from blackstone. Ill get my money lost from running this company down on every site i find.




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did you click the link i provided?

did you click on any of the email links on the top right?

where did it take you?

if you type in those email adresses they will get returned to you (undeliverable)

im not sure who setup there site but im quite certain all those links are dead for a reason.....they like selling there kits and could care less after they sell them.

The Blackstone lab people have the right idea, they send the kit for free and when they receive it they ask for money....


Around here you dont ask for money until the job is done.....thats the incentive to "complete" your job.....avlabs is forgetting this


When i see you in page ill give you my remaining kits...



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