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Rudder problem

Al Downs

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I have a problem with my rudders. First a little history.


It is a 2010 CTLS. It was a year old when I got it and we always had things with the rudders that we could not identify. The turning radius on the ground was horrible. It was impossible to turn a 360 tight enough to make it on the taxiway. We needed to do our runup on the ramp or at an intersection. The rudders also required extreme pressure to maneuver on the ground.


In January a student had a hard landing causing a fair amount of damage and that has now all been repaired. Nothing to do with the rudders, just a hard landing.


After the repairs it requires much less pressure on the rudder pedals and can do a 360 on a dime. In the air is where we have some problems.


When turning left you have to cross control with right rudder to maintain coordinated flight. About half way thru the turn you have to relax the right rudder to maintain coordinated flight. All other flight characteristics seem normal.


Another thing that is happening is when pushing the plane back into the hangar, the front wheel turns hard right or left depending on how you are applying pressure and you then need to push down on the tail to get it to go in the direction you want. As soon as the front wheel is on the ground and you are pushing it backwards, it happens again. Going forward is no problem, it goes nice and straight.


So far this is what I have done. I adjusted the rudder trim so I am sure it is neutral. This did seem to make the front wheel situation a little better but no completely fixed.


I will be flying it early tomorrow morning and will then be able to asses the cross control problem. Hopefully we will see some improvement.


There are no mechanics in the area that are familiar with light sports much less a Flight Design.


Anyone have any thoughts?

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Flight Desing U.S.A. will be at Oshkosh. One of the workers will be Kent Johnson of Stanton Aviation, Stanton, MN, just south of the Twin Cities. He's a good mechanic. Also, Leading Edge Airfoils is at Lyon, WI and may be able to help.






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Hi Al,

Most likely one of two things or maybe both. The rudder may be too loose and out of trim. It is supposed to have a certain amount of sideways tension. I don't remember what it is of the top of my head, but it is in the FD maint. Manual. This is adjusted by the turn buckles in the front center console. This is a gross adjustment and then the other finer adjustment to rudder and ground track is the front steering control rods on the steering head. Taxi the plane it 15-20 mph and take your feet off the peddles. It should track straight. If not you have your ground track answer. Call me if you need more info.

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