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Looking for a CTLS damaged door


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MarkF, you might check with Zone Aviation at Lorain County airport in Ohio. They had a wrecked CTLS some time ago. They have a flight school and sell Flight Design aircraft.

My link


This is the aircraft - short video. This is the aircraft I refered to in a discussion of using parachutes. The pilot thought he had the field made but was not aware a ditch was in his landing path.

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I am looking for a second-hand CTLS pilot door...

I want to remove the window, so if the window is damaged, it is not a problem for me.

Best regards


I got this email a few weeks ago, might have what your looking for.


I will accept any reasonable offer on any or all of the following CTLS parts:


Main gear supports w/ wheels, tires (50% tread), brakes, etc. (wheel fairings were damaged but can probably be repaired if you have carbon fiber experience). 

Nose wheel/tire. 

Both L/R doors w/ latches and gas struts

Both L/R rubber door-jam trim 

Rudder w/ nav light

Whole center console unit (black box that all of the avionics attaches to. No dents or cracks)

Stabilator (needs small repair)

Oil tank, Air filter box, and other small hoses leftover

Sun Shades

Upper Cowling 

Lower cowling with landing light (needs small repair)

Both pairs of rudder pedals with all connecting rods and screws

BRS parachute (expires 8/13)

Both L/R seatbelt harnesses 

Both L/R baggage compartment doors

Circuit breakers

Airspeed indicator


Comm antenna

ELT antenna

Both L/R black leather bucket seats with lumbar support

Both control sticks with black leather

Ignition/throttle panels

Various aluminum connecting rods, bolts, pins, screws, etc. 



Please spread the word if you know someone needing these parts. 


Located in Orlando, FL. Please contact me if interested. 


Peter Closi


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