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Brand new loaded CTLS ready for delivery


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In stock and ready for west coast delivery –


this thing is loaded!



Configuration is:


Dynon Dual 10” SkyView Panel; SkyView SV-D1000 Displays: Dual system Backup batteries; Dynon engine monitoring module; Dual GPS antenna/receiver modules; Dual ADAHARS w/dual pitot tubes; 406 Mhz ELT w/remote panel; Garmin 696 GPS w/XM Weather & TIS traffic; Larger instrument console; Dynon SV-261 Class 1 Mode S-xponder W/TIS Traffic uplink; Dual OAT probes; Terrain, Obst. & Runways; LEMO plugs for ANR headsetsOil & Coolant


Thermostat system; 2 telex Echelon 25XT headsets; 100 HP


Rotax 912ULS engine; Stainless steel exhaust; 3 Blade composite propeller; 406 Mhz ELT w/remote panel Three axis trim system; Cloth sport seats w/headrest; Cabin heater; carburetor heat; Wheel pants & gear fairings; FD Night Flight package; Sliding air vents; Gull wing doors w/gas struts; Ballistic parachute system; LED strobes and position lights; Door locks; Parking brake;  Fire extinguisher and CO Detector; 4 point pilot harnesses; 12V accessory plug; FD Prop cover & pilots briefcase; No bounce composite main landing gear;


S/N:   F-12-01-07


LED Landing Light


Black Leather Seats


Tundra Wheels & Wheel Fairings


Dynon SkyView Integrated 2-axis A/P (pitch & roll)


Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (Light Weight)


Electric Trim Option


Color Design Wave 3


Price is: 161,595.00


Call if you have any questions

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