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Only 11 rooms left - Reserve Now

Roger Lee

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Hurry, Hurry, Hurry. Walk, run, skip or just call !!!


There looks to be only 11 rooms left and we only have 45 more days to secure those rooms before the hotel takes the non reserved rooms back. There may be a room left after this, but it will be at double the price.



If you choose to walk, run or skip remember your age and you won't heal well. wink.giflaugh.gif



There could be fewer rooms because I have not check personally with the hotel this week and some people may have not let me know they are coming. I have a list of the ones who have contacted me and that is where I got the overall number, but there are always a few sign ups that don't contact me, so it is possible we have fewer than 11 rooms left.



I you haven't sent me your info to add to the attendee list please do so.

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