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Dynon Kavlico Oil Pressure Sensor


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Good-day all,



Does anyone have experience or an opinion of the new Dynon Sensors...especially the 150 psi sensor for oil pressure? I think it is different than the VDO they use to sell. Thanks Doug in IL



I just had the Kavlico fuel pressure sensor (0-15 psi) installed and so far it has worked flawlessly. It varies between 4.4 - 4.7 psi during cruise.


After installation, we did a runup on the ground and found that the fuel pump was hitting 7 psi at 3500 rpm (carb drip tray had fresh fuel in it, so we believed the sensor was accurate). The engine has 100 hours on it using the VDO sensor. I had always gotten flakey readings (both low pressure and high pressure) and I suspected the pump and the sensor.


The mechanic changed the fuel pump, and ran the engine through a range of rpm's up to 5000 and slowly back down and the pressure never got above 5 psi. The next morning I did a 30 minute test flight (I had some other work done on the plane also) and it again was flawless.


I then took the plane on a 3 1/2 hour cross country trip back to my airport and never had a problem - rock steady. Also the pressure doesn't jump around much at all, either.


The only issue, which is minor is that the fuel pressure sensor (and I suspect the oil pressure sensor also) requires a additional 5 volt supply. The mechanic was able to provide this from one of the Dynon wiring harnesses.


I have the Honeywell oil pressure sensor and it is also very reliable and stable. My oil pressure varies about 3 psi during cruise (59 - 62 psi).


Hope this helps.

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